Terry The Time Travelling Tortoise
The Top Secret Cheese
Mr. Zumpo's Amazing Zoo of Unusual Animals

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When Raj and Reya meet a rather strange stranger called Mr. Zumpo, they find themselves visiting his Amazing Zoo of Unusual Animals to see some of the most peculiar and bizarre creatures in the whole wide world, such as a Ping-Pong Popperphant, a Wurly Wurlitzer Whistleroo, a Beatbox-Bunny, a Trombonial Pig-Fish and a Grumpy Bubble-Gum Chawooga.

To answer questions like: “What is a Woc?” “Exactly how

smelly is a Super Pooper Stinky Pong Beast?” “How do you

find an escaped Invisible Wibble Beast?” and “Is Mr. Zumpo

really as friendly as he seems?”, you will have to accompany

Raj and Reya to Mr. Zumpo’s Amazing Zoo

of Unusual Animals.

Terry was not at all interested in becoming a time traveller, but one day, that's exactly what happened...

VOO-SHWIPOP! Like it or not, Terry the tortoise was no longer in his quiet English garden, drinking tea and eating buttered crumpets. Now he was tumbling through time and space, and meeting a very odd assortment of characters along the way; such as the pirates Bee Beard and Broccoli Beard, strange creatures called cogs and dats, a depressed William Shakespeare and a humpless camel.

And when Queen Victoria mistakes Terry for a teapot, it begins to look like he might never get back home again!

Join Terry on this fantastical voyage of silly adventures, and confront conundrums of the space-time continuum face on!

Suitable for all ages 7+

Beware! You’ll be able to smell the vile stench of Mr. Pong’s Cheap Cheese Emporium just by reading about it. It’s that smelly. In fact, it’s the stinkiest and most foul-whiffing place in the whole wide world. You have been warned!

However, if you do feel brave enough to step inside the cheese shop and meet the horrible Mr. and Mrs. Pong, not only will you find that they smell just as bad, you’ll also discover a girl called Cauliflower Cheese, a contented mouse, the terrifying Aunty Louder, and a very curious creature who goes by the name of Red Head.

What’s that? You want to know what The Top Secret Cheese is? Well, I can’t tell you that. It is top secret after all.





Suitable for all ages 7+
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