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"This book thrives on its characters, each completely wonderful. Whilst reminiscent of the most well-loved from childhood they have enough of their own flavour to establish themselves in all their delight and horror. I would’ve loved this book as a kid. Full of intrigue and jeopardy, the story unfolds its elements skilfully and authentically. You cannot fake this stuff. As each character is introduced the story becomes richer, brimming with warmly chaotic humour and the underlying darkness of the most enduring children’s stories."  - Rebecca Gransden, author of 'anemogram.' and 'Rusticles'.
"I am pretty sure Mr. Wolf is a re-incarnation of Roald Dahl, that dark humour, vile characters and all round grossness is there, Mr Wolf is the complete package as he does his own illustrations. This is a great book to read to your kids."  - Amazon reviewer.
"I loved this story and the pictures that went with it. So imaginitive. Now, I could tell you all about the secret cheese... but it's a secret. Just read the book ☺, it's a fast read and I found it pretty funny." - Goodreads reviewer.
"I appreciated (The Top Secret Cheese) not only for the quality time spent with my daughter, but (also for) the laughs and the colorful characters. I am certain I will be looking to other Mr. Wolf books in the future." - Goodreads reviewer.
"Alive with Wolfian wit and electric, comic dialogue." - Leo X. Robertson, author of 'Bonespin Slipspace' and 'The Grimhaven Disaster'.
"Brilliant and great fun to read - a good few laugh out loud moments."  - Amazon reviewer.
"This is a very fun romp through time with a reluctant time traveler. It is not heavy, or laced with hidden meaning. It is perfect for the target audience. Age 7+ readers will find this easy to read, fast-paced, and not too long."  - Goodreads reviewer.
"Although aimed at children of 7+ this will appeal to adults as well who enjoy reading works by Edward Lear (and) Spike Milligan."  - Amazon reviewer.
"My favourite chapter was Treetops and Teapots which had a cartoonish Queen Victoria obsessed with collecting teapots. I couldn't stop laughing at the part where Terry's shell has just been damaged and he disappears. The Queen then says in his absence: 'I guess it must be one of those new disappearing teapots. Yes, very good. Very clever. That's progress for you, I suppose.'" - Rupert Dreyfus, author of 'Spark' and 'The Rebel's Sketchbook'.
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